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Shitface - 05/02/13 04:10:30

My URL:http://www.sexymen.cum

My Email:yes

favorite record store: yours

favorite venue(you know, places you would like to see us play..): suck my ass

favorite fanzine: a "fanzine"

favorite breakfast cereal: a "fanzine"

favorite glam/metal band: metalkeuf

Comments: HAHA! You all sucked anyhoo. I am the best. If this was a game i would of "won". Like they say: "The world is our oyster, and I am the pearl." Fuck you. Suck my ass. "to pimp or not to pimp, THAT is the way to pimp, bitch" oh yea, nick, stop jerkin' it in the van, fag ass. i hate all of you! love, me. "the best" i'm # 1!

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